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Fashions August 1842

LATEST PARIS FASHIONS. {from the The New York Visitor and Lady's Album} Bonnets there is but little change in ; they are not worn quite so forward as last month; the crowns are a little raised, and the brims shorter. The most fashionable are those of lace, crape lisse, tule, and plain and fancy rice straw. Poult de soi is mostly used for drawn...Continue Reading

Fashions July 1842

SUMMER FASHIONS. {from the The New York Visitor and Lady's Album} Morning Dress.--Striped foulard robe; the bodice quite high, tight to the shape, and the front ornamented in a novel style with silk cord. Demi-long sleeves, made tight except at the elbow, below which they terminate, displaying a long undersleeve of muslin puffs. The skirt is trimmed on each side of the front, and...Continue Reading

Fashions June 1842

LATEST PARIS FASHIONS {from the The New York Visitor and Lady's Album} Selected from the French and English Monthlies, brought by the Steamer Acadia. Hats.--The only alteration in hats is that the crown inclines a little more forward, and the brims spread out more on the temples, to show as much of the hair as possible. Drawn Capotes are very fashionable, composed of shot...Continue Reading

Mid Victorian Embroidery Pattern Morning Collar

This mid Victorian embroidery pattern is from Godey's Lady's Book of 1855. There are two free downloads, a black and white version as well as an original version. I hope to be able to share many more of these embroidery patterns in the future. Download the Black and White version Here Download the Original version Here...Continue Reading

Fashions May 1842

LATEST PARIS FASHIONS {from the The New York Visitor and Lady's Album} Selected from the French and English Monthlies, brought ,by the Steamer Britainnia. Walking Dresses. -- In promenade dresses the skirts are quite plain, while the corsages are tight, and a little busques*. Many dresses are made high up to the throat; and with regard to the sleeves they differ materially in the...Continue Reading

Victorian Photographic Studio Card

This freebie is from the back of an old photograph. It dates to about the 1870's. This download is a copy of both the original and a blank version. The original says, "Photographic Studio of French & Bass Rockland and Quincy Mass. Download Victorian Photographic Studio Card - Original HERE Download Victorian Photographic Studio Card - Blank HERE Hope you enjoy!...Continue Reading

Victorian Print Letter From Home

The freebie for today is a print entitled Letter From Home from the book Bright and Happy Homes by Peter Parley, Jr published in 1882. The file format is png. Download Here Enjoy!...Continue Reading

Ring Holder

This open pocket is intended to be hung on the toilet glass -- rather a novelty in its way. The cardboard shape is covered with peacock blue plush, on which a branch of eglantine is embroidered in floss silks. The flowers and buds are in shaded pinks, the stems green, and the French knots in gold color. The small, white flowers are slightly shaded...Continue Reading

Braided Rug

The braided rug is still ever so popular today. Even in my babyhood I sat playing on a very large braided rug at my grandmother's house. They have found their place in homes for generations now. They have indeed stood the test of time in practicality, charm, and sturdiness. I found these instructions on making a braided rug in Beautiful homes: Or, Hints in...Continue Reading

How to Make One's Own Dress - The Echarpe Orientale

In Peterson's magazine of 1855 I found this article on how to make your own Echarpe Orientale- which was a fashionable article of clothing worn in the 1850s. The Echarpe Orientale is all the rage in Paris. Its is modeled so as to rest on the shoulder in a graceful curve in the very spot that gives a classic outline to the bust, as...Continue Reading

The Baby Carriage

A tintype of a baby in a baby carriage dating to around to the early to mid 1870's. Early baby carriages took on the form of miniature horse drawn carriages. During the early to mid 1870s they began to take on a distinct style of thier own that eventually gave way to the ever so popular wicker type found in the latter part of...Continue Reading

Art of Stay Making

I found this article entitled the Art of Stay Making while perusing Peterson's Magazine. This article is dated 1855 and gives instructions on how to make stays for corsets. I thought this could be useful for those making authentic costumes or for doll's clothing. In pursuing our intention of giving a series of articles, instructing the readers of "Peterson" how to make their own...Continue Reading

Games and Gaming

An article by Milton Bradley, the now widely known game manufacturer, published in 1894 by Good Housekeeping. Few realize that Milton Bradley was a publisher, manufacturer of games, an author, and even developed a system for teaching color in schools known as the Bradley system. This article specifically deals with a certain stigma that was evidently attached to games esp in some New England...Continue Reading

Victorian Color Print Little Girls Gathering Flowers

Today's freebie is this Victorian color plate of a lovely scene with two little girls gathering flowers. A bunny proceeds to gallop in front of the two little girls. Do they notice or not? This was the frontpiece for the book Picnic Time published in 1898. Download: Little Girls Gathering Flowers As always - Enjoy!...Continue Reading

How to Make Muskmelon Seed Baskets

A crafts project from 1855 using the seeds of the muskmelon, which can include the varieties of honeydew and cantaloupe. The article is found in Peterson's magazine. Take a needle and thread and string through one end of the seed, (just near enough the end not to break the seed) enough to form a circle at the bottom, as we begin at the bottom...Continue Reading

The Story of a Doll-House

Every house has a story - even a doll's house. This nostalgic story of a doll-house owned by a little girl named Ann, which was built around 1814, gets told in an article found in the St.Nicholas magazine published 1889. The author of the story was a woman named Katherine Pyle. Seventy-five years ago, a little brother and sister had a play-house in a...Continue Reading

The Baby Carriage and its Appointments

I found this article from Babyhood published in the November 1888 issue which gives us a closer look at the Victorian baby carriage from the 1880's and 1890's. The article gives us details from how they are made, how comfortable they are, how to furnish a carriage to dangers like brass nails and arsenic poisoning. WHEN we remember that Baby takes most of his...Continue Reading

Victorian Baby and Goat Farm Scene

A stereo card featuring a Victorian farm yard of a baby and a goat entitled Me an' Billy. In the backdrop of this Victorian farm scene is an outbuillding enclosed with chicken wire and a bunny in it. It's curious that the goat's chain is wrapped around the baby's bottle. Does this signify the baby gets its milk from the goat? The copyright year...Continue Reading

Secret Floor Stains

WITH the spread of Anglo-mania, smooth, bare floors, in early English style, have grown more and more popular, and wealthy men pay more dollars per square foot than I care to specify, for rosewood, mahogany, West India cherry, and antique oak floors, solid, not veneered. And yet, with all this lavish expense, there are few of them more beautiful than some which might have...Continue Reading

What Is Bluing?

If you open any cookbook or other domestic book for house keepers you will usually find instructions on how to do laundry. Inevitably you will come upon the rinsing of clothes to be done by putting into bluing. This is what was commonly used to brighten whites. In it's earliest forms it was used by having indigo tied in a thin muslin bag and...Continue Reading

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