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Civil War Era Kitchen Utensils

A kitchen should always be well furnished; there is no necessity that it should be profusely so, but there should be a sufficiency of every thing which can aid in producing the dishes preparing, with the success which is so essential to the gratification of the palate. In furnishing a kitchen there should be everything likely to be required, but not one article more than...Continue Reading

In the Early Kitchen...Cooking Utensils

WOODEN WARES There was quite a variety of the kitchen items made from wood. A pretty good list includes wooden tubs, boxes, buckets, bowls, bread troughs, pans, sieves, sifters, potato mashing "beetles", meat "beetles", hickory egg-beaters, spaddles or round short hickory sticks flattened at one end, paste-boards, coffee-sticks, mush-sticks, clothes-sticks, spoons and ladles. Oak was considered a better choice over the cedar wood. Often...Continue Reading

Horsehair Sieve

A kitchen utensil often used in sifting bran. A man named Benjamin Gilbert was a tanner/currier/shoemaker by birth, but he percieved a market in making horsehair sieves for the common people who already used these in the making of meal. He began his business venture around 1818 and they did become quite popular....Continue Reading