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Victorian Shoe Pattern

Here is the other shoe pattern I found in Peterson's Magazine of 1860. Like the previous one this does not have instructions thus leaving a lot of room for your own creativity....Continue Reading

Victorian Embroidery Patterns 1860

Today I have two files for download. They are embroidery patterns published in the January 1860 Godey's magazine. I made a black and white version as well as having the original version. I hope you are able to get some use out of them! Download the Black & White version Here Download the Original Version Here...Continue Reading

Victorian Shoe Pattern

I ran across a couple of Victorian shoe patterns. They did not come with instructions but they are pretty straight forward. This is the first one. They were found in the Peterson's Magazine of 1860....Continue Reading

How to Enlarge A Pattern

This article appeared in the Peterson's Magazine in 1860. I thought it could be useful to those looking to size these patterns into dolls clothes or costumes. Or it could just be interesting to know how the ladies did that back in those days. How to enlarge a diagram - A new subscriber asks us how to enlarge the patterns in out diagrams. The...Continue Reading

Mid Victorian Embroidery Pattern Morning Collar

This mid Victorian embroidery pattern is from Godey's Lady's Book of 1855. There are two free downloads, a black and white version as well as an original version. I hope to be able to share many more of these embroidery patterns in the future. Download the Black and White version Here Download the Original version Here...Continue Reading

Victorian Curtains for Fall

As the colors of fall emerge many of us go about feeling the need to decorate or "spruce" up our homes with fall colors and decorations. It's a warmth and perhaps comfort that reminds us we are going to be settling down for winter soon. And it adds that little variety of life that is singularly enjoyed. Women have always enjoyed endowing the home...Continue Reading

The Manufacture of Cloth Buttons.

The Manufacture of Cloth Buttons. THE history of this manufacture is a subject of sufficient interest to claim a place in our pages, although we can hardly agree with the writer of the following, when he says that iron of the required character can not be manufactured in this country. We lately gave an account of sheets of iron so thin that they were used...Continue Reading