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The Family Medicine Chest

A Victorian medicine chest is described along with common contents and how to use them. This certainly provides a sharp contrast to what kind of supplies are kept in household medicine cabinets today. The article was originally published in 1887 of the Good Housekeeping magazine. Every family should be supplied with a small medicine chest, especially in the country where the drug store cannot...Continue Reading

Games and Gaming

An article by Milton Bradley, the now widely known game manufacturer, published in 1894 by Good Housekeeping. Few realize that Milton Bradley was a publisher, manufacturer of games, an author, and even developed a system for teaching color in schools known as the Bradley system. This article specifically deals with a certain stigma that was evidently attached to games esp in some New England...Continue Reading

The Strawberry

June and Strawberries Half a dozen people, more or less, have been credited with the saying, "Doubtless, God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did;" and the declaration regarding this most delicious and wholesome of all berries, goes without questioning, no matter by whom it was first uttered. The strawberry, whose name is probably derived from the common and ancient...Continue Reading

The Lunch Table - Some Suggestions as to its Decoration

In the country, where the hostess does not depend on the tender mercies of the florist and the caterer, the decoration of the lunch table grows to be a kind of cult. One's wits are so sharpened by necessity, that what to a city woman would seem a great trouble becomes a pleasure to the country entertainer. Perhaps there may be some readers of...Continue Reading

The Linen Closet - Tablecloths and Napkins

Most young housekeepers take a deep interest in the furnishing and equipment of their tables -- not alone with the food supplies which are there to be served, the dishes which are to contain them, the appointments which are to make everything neat and cozy but as well and especially with the cloth by which the table is to be covered, the napkins which...Continue Reading

Bed Sheets and Blankets

So much has recently been written and printed regarding sheets, pillow-slips and other white clothes for the bed that it may be quite as well to dismiss them with a few words. In the great majority of cases, even those favored housewives who have GOOD HOUSEKEEPING as a guide, are content for the most part with plain, serviceable cotton. This if neatly made up...Continue Reading

Broom Covers

To every woman who does her own housework, "those porches" are a daily nightmare -- particularly in dry, dusty weather. Mopping is wet, dirty work -- hard alike on hands, clothes and temper. To avoid this vexation of spirit, try the plan given below: Buy a yard and a quarter of colored Canton flannel, which will be enough for two covers. It comes in...Continue Reading

The Shoe Bag

"A Place for Every Shoe, and Every Shoe in its Place." A spicy magazine article, entitled "Skeletons in Closets," enters complaint against the omnipresent shoe bag; protesting against " wall pockets nailed inside closet doors, for holding boots and shoes," saying, " It is the worst possible plan yet devised for keeping them," and inviting suggestions for something better in its place. An old...Continue Reading

Victorian Curtains for Fall

As the colors of fall emerge many of us go about feeling the need to decorate or "spruce" up our homes with fall colors and decorations. It's a warmth and perhaps comfort that reminds us we are going to be settling down for winter soon. And it adds that little variety of life that is singularly enjoyed. Women have always enjoyed endowing the home...Continue Reading