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Fashions August 1842

LATEST PARIS FASHIONS. {from the The New York Visitor and Lady's Album} Bonnets there is but little change in ; they are not worn quite so forward as last month; the crowns are a little raised, and the brims shorter. The most fashionable are those of lace, crape lisse, tule, and plain and fancy rice straw. Poult de soi is mostly used for drawn...Continue Reading

Fashions June 1842

LATEST PARIS FASHIONS {from the The New York Visitor and Lady's Album} Selected from the French and English Monthlies, brought by the Steamer Acadia. Hats.--The only alteration in hats is that the crown inclines a little more forward, and the brims spread out more on the temples, to show as much of the hair as possible. Drawn Capotes are very fashionable, composed of shot...Continue Reading

Fashions December 1881

Fig. 1.--(301).--The Daisy Ball Toilette, for a young lady. It may be made of pink alpaca, satin, or silk; trimmed with blonde lace. The body of polonaise is frilled and gathered at waist, front, and back, and at the shoulders. The skirt is well draped in front and back, edged with blonde and trimmed with ribbons. The underskirt consists of a tablier laid in...Continue Reading

Fashions December 1881

Back view of above plate. Fig. 1.--(298.)--The Alicia Promenade Costume, of brown cachemire, trimmed with embroidery worked on the material: this toilette is very pretty; both at back and front the jacket is made long, and is buttoned to the bottom of skirt: it is trimmed with collar, revers, and puffed sleeves. The overskirt is well draped in front; at back the retrousse' forms...Continue Reading

Men and Women Fashions January 1844

This colorful fashion plate found in the Graham's American Monthly Magazine of January 1844. I haven't run across too many plates that feature men's fashion's at all let alone alongside women's. GENTLEMAN'S DRESS Fig. 1.--The entirely new style of coats with standing collar--vests of buff cassimer--pants dark brown, with stripe. LADY'S EVENING DRESS Fig. 2.--A dress of white satin, trimmed with volants of broad...Continue Reading

Victorian Dress For A Little Girl

From the Lady's Home Magazine of 1858. This is a charming costume for a miss. It is of pink silk, delicately tinted as a rose leaf. The skirt is composed of six flounces, the upper one forming a sort of basquine to the waist. These flounces are button-holed on the edges in small scallops, and embroidered in tiny rose buds. The waist is plain,...Continue Reading

Fashions May 1842

LATEST PARIS FASHIONS {from the The New York Visitor and Lady's Album} Selected from the French and English Monthlies, brought ,by the Steamer Britainnia. Walking Dresses. -- In promenade dresses the skirts are quite plain, while the corsages are tight, and a little busques*. Many dresses are made high up to the throat; and with regard to the sleeves they differ materially in the...Continue Reading

How to Make One's Own Dress - The Echarpe Orientale

In Peterson's magazine of 1855 I found this article on how to make your own Echarpe Orientale- which was a fashionable article of clothing worn in the 1850s. The Echarpe Orientale is all the rage in Paris. Its is modeled so as to rest on the shoulder in a graceful curve in the very spot that gives a classic outline to the bust, as...Continue Reading

Edwardian Hats - October 1902

Fashionable Edwardian Hats from October 1902. Here are the descriptions of the hats above, which are numbered: No. 1. -- This hat in the becoming toque shape is made of shaded Autumn foliage with berries intermingled, and a bow of velvet in a shade to harmonize with the predominating tone in the foliage is at the back against the brim. No. 2. -- A...Continue Reading

Fashions for December - 1856

Exactly 150 years ago this was the fashion for December Click on image to enlarge FIGURE 1 is a dress of rich light-blue taffeta, with flounces of velours epingle, representing tangled beds of roses, in their natural colors. The berthe and sleeves are similar in design, but narrower. The berthe forms epaulettes on the shoulders, and meets in a point about the mid-depth of the...Continue Reading

Decline of the Paper Collar.

It is hardly twenty-five years since the advent of the paper collar. Prior to that time the average man wore neck-gear made from linen fabric, or was content to go without collars, except on Sundays and legal holidays. Then the collar was frequently built in with the shirt and worn with a loose, limp and decidedly comfortable manner. The mechanic going to his daily work...Continue Reading