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1885 Print of Children

Today we have this print of three children. Two little girls and one little boy all facing the same direction. The title of the print is, "The playmates of the nursery." It was in the face pages of an old children's book from 1885. Enjoy! Download the print Here...Continue Reading

Victorian Dress For A Little Girl

From the Lady's Home Magazine of 1858. This is a charming costume for a miss. It is of pink silk, delicately tinted as a rose leaf. The skirt is composed of six flounces, the upper one forming a sort of basquine to the waist. These flounces are button-holed on the edges in small scallops, and embroidered in tiny rose buds. The waist is plain,...Continue Reading

Victorian Color Print Little Girls Gathering Flowers

Today's freebie is this Victorian color plate of a lovely scene with two little girls gathering flowers. A bunny proceeds to gallop in front of the two little girls. Do they notice or not? This was the frontpiece for the book Picnic Time published in 1898. Download: Little Girls Gathering Flowers As always - Enjoy!...Continue Reading

The Story of a Doll-House

Every house has a story - even a doll's house. This nostalgic story of a doll-house owned by a little girl named Ann, which was built around 1814, gets told in an article found in the St.Nicholas magazine published 1889. The author of the story was a woman named Katherine Pyle. Seventy-five years ago, a little brother and sister had a play-house in a...Continue Reading

Little Girl Among the Lilies

This Edwardian stereo card shows a sweet faced little girl standing amongst the lilies. The title appropriately named, "Among the Lilies". The copyright year on this stereo card is 1901.This is the last stereo card I have in this set. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have! Download: Little Girl Among the Lilies Stereo Card here As always - Enjoy!...Continue Reading

The Baby Carriage and its Appointments

I found this article from Babyhood published in the November 1888 issue which gives us a closer look at the Victorian baby carriage from the 1880's and 1890's. The article gives us details from how they are made, how comfortable they are, how to furnish a carriage to dangers like brass nails and arsenic poisoning. WHEN we remember that Baby takes most of his...Continue Reading

Children in the Country

This is a sweet Edwardian stereo card picturing children in the country. They are in the sheep's pen but a horse does poke it's head over the fence for a little girl. The copyright year on this stereo card is 1903. We have only one more stereo card that features little children to share with you - so be sure to check back with...Continue Reading

Little Girl Gathering Calla Lilies

This Edwardian stereo card shows a little girl gathering Calla Lilies from a 10 acre field. The caption is "10 acres of Calla Lilies". The copyright year on this stereo card is 1903. I now have two more stereo cards featuring little children. Be sure and check back for those! Download: Little Girl Gathering Calla Lilies here As always - Enjoy!...Continue Reading

Victorian Baby and Goat Farm Scene

A stereo card featuring a Victorian farm yard of a baby and a goat entitled Me an' Billy. In the backdrop of this Victorian farm scene is an outbuillding enclosed with chicken wire and a bunny in it. It's curious that the goat's chain is wrapped around the baby's bottle. Does this signify the baby gets its milk from the goat? The copyright year...Continue Reading

Edwardian Little Girls Stereo Card

Detail of the stereo card. A sweet and endearing stereo card of three Edwardian little girls enjoying the flowers and sunshine. The view is overlooking the Willamette River from Riverview Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. The copyright year on the stereo card is 1903. I have 4 more stereo cards featuring little children to share with you - so be sure to check back with...Continue Reading

The Children's Toys and a Pleasant Place for the Little Ones

Having two boys myself and the problem of toys always being spread all over creation I could really appreciate this article. It's dated November 1887 - It is the first rainy days of autumn that bring the children -- happily occupied out of doors during the summer -- into the house, with their hands full of clay to be baked, their pockets full of...Continue Reading

Time Line of the Sand Box.

Baby's Sand Pile {1904} In a great wooden box, Nice and smooth to save her frocks, Is the baby's sand-pile, where all day she plays; And the things she thinks and makes, From a house and barn to cakes, Would keep, I think, her family all their days. Once she said she'd make a pie, - Or, at least, she'd like to try, -...Continue Reading

Pig Latin, Goose Latin and all those Secret Languages

One of my favorite things to do is read articles from old magazines and periodicals. I find it intriguing to get a 19th century view on things, including their own recollections of their past. I was searching for articles about school houses since I had read some rather inspiring verses of prose so that I wanted to explore that theme a little more. While searching...Continue Reading

Children's Toys.

IT is by no means a matter of indifference what toys are put into the hands of children, since their young minds receive permanent impressions from the objects with which they are surrounded in early years. We think a few hints, addressed to parents, on this subject, will not be out of place. 1. At the present day, when the dignity of labor is...Continue Reading