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The Baby Carriage and its Appointments

I found this article from Babyhood published in the November 1888 issue which gives us a closer look at the Victorian baby carriage from the 1880's and 1890's. The article gives us details from how they are made, how comfortable they are, how to furnish a carriage to dangers like brass nails and arsenic poisoning. WHEN we remember that Baby takes most of his...Continue Reading

Bridal Gift Ideas For Housekeeping

Bed and Table Linen for Young Housekeepers. I notice a call in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, from St. Louis, for information concerning Bed and Table Linen, and such other articles of the kind needful for the "going to housekeeping " of the young couple. Those of us who recall the hours spent in making preparations for that event, anticipated perhaps for months, and associated with the...Continue Reading

Two Old Fashioned Dolls.

One of them, as you see,is a boy-doll.He is made of wood, and has joints at the elbows, the thighs, and the knees. The features of the face are painted. He wears a coat cut in style of sixty years ago, and the coat and trousers both are of black silk. The vest is short-waisted, and made of some white material. An old-fashioned "stock"...Continue Reading

A Kind Hearted Puss.

This is no fancy picture. It is taken from a photograph of a real cat with her adopted family of chickens. The lady who made the photograph, and kindly sent it to St.Nicholas, tells this story in an accompanying letter: "The owner of our good-hearted puss raised a great many chickens; and out of each brood of fifteen or twenty, when but a few...Continue Reading

Wrapping Parcels Without String

IT will surprise the reader to learn that tying up parcels is so expensive that the busiest storekeepers are endeavoring to do without it as far as possible. Have you noticed how of late years, in the great shopping stores in New York, parcels are no longer fastened with string, unless they happen to be very large or unhandy? Whatever you purchase now is...Continue Reading

The Dawn of the Egg Beater

AN advertisement in 1899 showing the coveted family size Dover Egg Beater. In the last half of the 19th century a new kind of egg beater came on the scene with the intent of reducing the time a cook needed to beat, whip or froth eggs. At first many of these devices were cumbersome, difficult and most didn't even live up to the claims...Continue Reading

Victorian Curtains for Fall

As the colors of fall emerge many of us go about feeling the need to decorate or "spruce" up our homes with fall colors and decorations. It's a warmth and perhaps comfort that reminds us we are going to be settling down for winter soon. And it adds that little variety of life that is singularly enjoyed. Women have always enjoyed endowing the home...Continue Reading

The Correct Thing In Good Society

In Shopping The Correct Thing For employees to be patient, cheerful, and obliging. For employees to remember that it is their business to wait upon customers, and to be civil to them. For a salesman to prove that he respects himself by showing due respect to others. For a salesman to advise a customer, or assist her in making a choice, if asked to do...Continue Reading

The Correct Thing In Good Society

At The Writing-Desk The Correct Thing To use good jet black ink. To use handsome, thick, plain white paper. To fold and direct a letter neatly, and to put on the stamp evenly, and in the proper corner. To put on as many stamps as the weight of the letter or parcel demands. For the autograph fiend to enclose a stamped and directed envelope when...Continue Reading

Improved Window-Screen Frame.

The Stuart window-screen frame herewith illustrated, is manufactured by E. C. Stearns & Co., of Syracuse, N. Y., and has become an article in the leading wholesale and retail hardware trade. The unique appearance of this frame, and the ease with which it can be made or put together, are specially notable features. The moldings are furnished 36 inches long, and coped on one...Continue Reading